🔑API access

API access establishes authorized access to the Engines you own for various operations. It also allows you to share access of your Engines with others -- and gain access to others' Engines.

Click "Manage APIs" to navigate to the API key views.

You can also navigate to the API key views by clicking on "API Access" within Profile Customization.

Whenever an Engine is created, a default key is created with "owner" privileges. Only the Engine creator gets access to it and it cannot be updated. It is automatically deleted when an Engine is deleted.

The "Your Keys" tab within the API Keys section displays all the default keys. It also displays the keys manually created by you to assign permission of the Engine to others.

Let's create an API key to test that out. Click on "New API Key"

Give a name and description for the key.

Select "Engines" from the list for whom this permission is to be assigned. One can select multiple engines. In other words, one key can give permission for multiple Engines.

Select the ACL permission from the list. The three valid types of ACL permissions are as follows:

  1. Read-Only: gives search rights for an Engine

  2. Read and Write: gives search and insertion rights for an Engine

  3. Admin: gives API creation and update rights to the users, together with whatever is granted within Read and Write

Select the people you want to share access with by typing their email address or wallet address registered within Sepana. If they are within Sepana system, they will automatically get the access upon creation of the key. Otherwise, they will be invited to Sepana via email to be onboarded in order to gain access.

Whenever someone in Sepana shares a key with you, you will see the key details in the "Shared with You" tab of the API Keys section.

Also, you will see the Engine added to the Engines list on your home screen labeled "Shared".

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