Sepana is building a decentralized search infrastructure for blockchains and web3.

Okay, a bit more.

Sepana's search infrastructure lets every and protocol integrate a powerful search experience in minutes. A decentralized search protocol allows data and results to be shared across every engine in the network. It will also drive entirely new discovery mechanisms for web3. Additionally, it will help foster privacy-first personalization, web3-native recommendations, and a permissionless and trustless search layer.


Today, data on the decentralized web is scattered across many chains, dapps, and projects. Users lack the ability to easily search content and transactions.

Devs struggle to build the best search experiences and most dapps have rudimentary search, if at all. Meanwhile, average users find it hard to navigate web3 and discover the data and content they're interested in.

web3 is a bold experiment that holds the promise of unprecedented ownership, freedom, and transparency. But without powerful search and discovery, web3 will always be lacking.

Sepana's vision is to create an open and accessible search layer that helps organize the decentralized web. Our goal is to launch this as an open protocol so that users and developers have root access to the underlying search knowledge graph. This will help spawn entirely new applications and discovery mechanisms for web3.

More broadly, web3 search has the opportunity to revolutionize how people interact with the web. In web2, search engines live in siloed databases. For instance, you go to Twitter for advanced search of tweets and Linkedin for the best people search. In fact, even almighty Google cannot offer sophisticated search within social media platforms.

Today, platforms control content. They decide who sees what and when. They decide if devs can access this data or not.

web3 changes all this. Data is open-source. Everyone has root access to the content. Information bridges can be built between dapps and protocols. This is Sepana's vision for search. A powerful infrastructure that integrates across chains to give users and developers unprecedented access to a massive and growing search database.


Sepana began by building search engines for some of the leading web3 social protocols. Millions of searches on DeSo, Mirror, and Lens are today powered by Sepana.

To help the entire ecosystem thrive, we are now launching a search API that enables web3 dapps to easily integrate search. We will be building out web3 native search features such as:

  • Personalization based on wallet address

  • Multi-chain and dapp search

  • web3 recommendations

  • and much more

Use cases

Sepana can be used to build a search experience for any data source. Let your web3 imagination run wild!


Integrate to embed search for your user's content. Filter by accounts, bios, text, tokens, and more.


Power discovery across your DAO and enable users to find votes, proposals, airdrops, or fellow members.


Stream over data and enable search across attributes, artists, chains, and prices. Drive discovery mechanisms that delight your users and help them find new artists and assets.


Build the vital infrastructure for searching assets, tokens, and web3 content for your users.


Empower gamers to discover games, assets, friends, and more. Build advanced marketplaces for in-game NFTs with state-of-the-art search, filtering, and ranking.

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